Sensible-Investor: Good retirement planning sites

Best retirement planner

Top-ranked Financial Engines site will analyze your retirement portfolio for  fee. In addition, for paid members, it will make specific, educated recommendations about what’s best for you among the options in your 401(k) plan.

The SmartMoney retirement site isn't perfect, but it has many handy tools. For example:
  • Retirement Worksheets
  • Asset Allocation Suggestions
  • Roth IRAs: To Convert or Not
  • Which IRA Is Best?

The 401(k) section is particularly useful, with advice on these topics:

  • Answers to Your 401(k) Questions
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Your 401(k)
  • 7 Ways to Lobby for a Better 401(k)
  • Tapping Your 401(k) Before You Retire
  • So, You've Maxed Out, Now What?
  • Rolling Over Retirement Accounts
  • Your Other Tax-Advantaged Options
  • How to Handle a Lump-Sum Distribution
  • How Much Salary Is Your 401(k) Worth?
  • Grade Your 401(k)

Avoid the self-contradictory section on the "Best and Worst Mutual Funds for 401(k) Plans," unless you want to refer to it as an example of how it's a bad idea to try to forecast the future by picking a promising, actively managed fund. Like trying to pick next year's winning stock, fund-picking is often a loser's game.


The "Plan for Every Stage" retirement pages of Money magazine’s Web site contain useful advice for people who are:

 * In the 20s to 30s

 * In the 40s to 50s

 * 55 to 65

 * 66 and beyond

Money has good advice for this new era of increasing longevity: "Even in retirement, you still need to have some of your money invested in equities, to keep it growing and to protect against inflation. After all, if you're in your sixties, you could be drawing on those funds for up to 40 years."

Each page provides links to worthwhile personal finance sites, tips, a short to-do list, a suggested asset allocations for each age category, and some specific mutual funds to consider investing in.




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